A hospitalisation brings for all patients a change of their normal habits of life. Therefore this difficult time for the concerning, circumstances allowing, should be made as pleasant and safe as possible. Each hospital provides their best medical possible. However with mattress covers and half mattress covers, frequently one tries to save costs. Here one uses plastic or rubber covers, which cause the bedridden patient heat build up with accompanying skin irritation and other problems. The mattress is contaminated by the penetration of body fluids among other things, which like wise increases the danger of allergies, infections etc. The problems developing for the patients can mean a longer stay in hospital, which leads to an increasing workload, as well as an additional cost for the hospital.

IMEC has concerned itself for a long time with these circumstances and has developed materials that prevent problems mentioned above. If we have got your attention and you are interested to get to know our products we look forward to establish contact with you.

What solution do we offer?

The mattress is covered with the IMEC zero 2000 special or special plus, and on top normal sheets, on which the patients rests. The structure and the materials used, ensure the breathing activity of our mattress cover with simultaneous, absolute liquid impermeability. The cover is pleasantly soft without risk of any accumulation of heat and gives the patient the security and hygiene for a quicker way to recovery. The mattress remains lint free and perfectly dry. A performance which no comparable rubber or plastic underlay can offer. From hygienic point of view each mattress should be protected with an IMEC cover, in order to prevent permanent penetration of liquids like organic substances, urine, excrement, sweat, mites, bacteria etc.

With our protective layer you save cost of regular mattress cleaning and associated problems and have at all times a presentable hygienic mattress cover, which increases the security for your patient and the name of your hospital.

Our mattress covers have been tested by several hospitals and 92% of patients felt that our covers are more pleasantly to rest on. Easy handling by maintenance personal. Laundry employees welcomed high quality. Accelerated healing. It also acknowledges that bed linen covering IMEC mattress covers has very little or no bacteria settlement on the surface.

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