Incontinence Underwear

Latest News: Our Incontinent underwear now comes with a new maximum absorbent rate of up to 550 ml, depending on incontinence, model and size.

Product outline of our safety family of I.M.E.C.® liberty in the everyday life! Fashionable Incontinence - underwear - for ladies, men and children.

A completely new developed High Tech textile product, which is characterised with new techniques, which were considered impossible so far with textiles. We offer models, with which the concerning wearer from light to heavy blatter weakness can get along, without additional aids (inserts). I.M.E.C.® has over years developed an incontinence underwear program, which is fashionably, reliably, discrete and functional, returns you security and does not differ from fashionable underwear.

Last year our products received official recognition and are now listed in the reference for sanctioned products issued by the umbrella organization of legal German health care insurers. This means that the health-insurance companies in Germany will pay the underwear for the patient. Most of these insurers will assume 100% of the garment costs for the affected patients. Very shortly we expect to have the same approval from other countries health authorities.

Our articles are patented.

The I.M.E.C.® - garment is from Mr. Professor Dr.H. Madersbacher, (of the university clinic Innsbruck, as well as 1st. Chairman of the medical society for Incontinencehelp Austria and member of the committee " Continence Worldwide ") checked and recommended.


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