Incontinence MATTRESS PROTECTOR I.M.E.C.® 2000

Why I.M.E.C.® 2000 - Incontinence Mattress cover?

From hygienic view it would be meaningful to protect each mattress with a protective layer. Where a penetration of pollution into the foam material (spilled beverages) can be avoided, with a proper cover. Permanent penetration of urine and excrement particles as well as organic substances, urine (or / and fecal incontinence) that damage also the best mattress in the long term. The mattress can be cleaned often only superficially and not taken off and not washed. Even the best sleep can become a problem by the involuntary release of the bladder. To wake up in the morning and notice that it occurred again is very depressing. Here we create relief. Our mattress preserves the mattress before wetness marks (urine, blood, sweat) etc. and creates the basis again, for a peaceful sleep. The cover ensures hygiene and cleanliness of your mattress and thus their longevity. At the same time it protects you against bacteria, which bury themselves into the mattress.


It is made from two layers of fabric:

Outside: 100 % polyester (Special and Special Plus+) 35 % cotton / 65 % polyester (comfort), inside with a diaphragm made with 100 % polyurethane.

The water penetration of the fabric is tested DIN EN 20811 also air permeable is tested to the SST-Method. All tests have been carried out by accredited test institutions and passes all DIN and EURO-NORM standards.

Material and Technical Datas:

Article: Special 2140 - 2190

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