Much publication in the media already stated, that hotel mattresses could be unhygienic. Scientifically test results also prove, that even the most healthy hotel guests enters a danger zone, by sleeping on a mattress which might have been slept on by a sick person, the previous night. All hotel owners know the problem of dirty mattresses. Many travellers are aware of this situation and becoming more critical and discriminating by choosing their accommodation, or taking their own protection sheet or similar articles to protect themselves. At present the market offers FEW solutions within this area.

I.M.E.C.© can solve all your problems. After many years of studying, we now can support you, to guarantee your guest hygiene and cleanness. Our special covers for mattresses, which offers high breathing activity, but with a liquid - closed structure, which protects your mattresses against outside contamination and their infestation by bacteria, mites, all gene substances and almost all viruses. Better than other products, presently available on the market.

By using our sheets or mattress covers, could in the future save you any embarrassing situation and give your guest a feeling of hygienic satisfaction by staying in your hotel.

By appropriate advertising this product in the rooms, you promote your own business, by putting the safety of your guests first.

Additionally you lower your operating cost by omission of mattresses contaminated by cleaning fluids or too damaged by other accidents.

If we woke your attention and you are interested, to learn about this exciting product, please contact us.


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