Protective allergic bedlinen I.M.E.C. ® 2000


The Problem

Millions of mites can't be wrong: In the snugly climate of the sleep place, not evenly only find humans, but also millions of mites accommodation and comfort. Dr. Roland Domann of the German allergy and asthma federation e.V.(DAAB) - reports, alone in Germany about six per cent the population, almost five million citizens, are allergic to the excretement of mites.

I.M.E.C ®, now offers a complete protective bed set from textiles, with an anti respiration-active diaphragm foil.

No wonder that the eight legged animals thrive in bed: Because the human body looses a half litre sweat, and sheads old skin, which provides food for the mites every nite.

Dr. Domann: Old skin is the optimal food for house dust mites, those are jointly responsible for the rising number of allergies."

And this is no joke. During the sleep humans inhale the eliminations of the mites, which can release allergies. And the consequences, in which an Allergic suffers itself, is large: Inflammations of conjunctivas with eye tears and itching, Runny nose, sneezing attraction, cough and difficulty in breathing, asthma, itching of the skin and Eczemas (Neurodermitis), joint complaints and migraene.


Allergic can now breathe calm, if there use protective mattress and bedlinens from I.M.E.C.®, new eddition pillows and covers. So the all-towards-loaded dust particles cannot arrive no more into the breathing air. DAAB interior specialist Domann: "using the above name product is the only protection to avoid dust mite allergy. In the meantime also most health insurance companies take over the costs of this product."

Characteristics and mode of operation of the thin foil material: The diaphragms used by us possess an extremely high respiration activity. They are all towards and waterproof with at the same time high steam permeability. The secret: Only the humidity is passed on from molecule to molecule inside the foil. Engine of the whole secret are the temperature and humidity differences from body and in environment. So, one is not feeling damp, and the bed dries out again.

And also the comfort does remain: The protective bed linen/covers are pleasantly easy to maintain very soft and machine washable with 95 degrees Celsius. The latter corresponds to a recommendation of the DAAB. Domann: The references should at least be washable with 60 degrees Celcius. And particularly important:

We made it our function to reduce discomfort, and provide a good night sleep.

Material composition and technical data:

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