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What is incontinence urinary?

Incontinence is the medical printout for the partial or whole loss of the bladder, or weakness of the bladder. Incontinence can occur in all different forms and ways, Birth error, (to small bladder, weak musculature etc.), psychological problems, or by accidental damage.

Also malfunctions within the organ areas, week bladder musculature, the sealing system of the bladder or the coordinating nervous system can be basis for the illness. With many women weakness of the basin musculature can lead to involuntary urine loss.

Worldwide approx. over 100 million humans are affected; in Germany alone approx. 6 million suffer from the illness. Women suffer from the illness more frequently than men. Bladder weakness can occur at any age. It concerns older humans, also young mothers after giving birth, women in the change years and men after a Prostata operation. Many concerned patients are to embarrassed to leave home. Isolation is the first sign of the illness favourable the total psyche. I.M.E.C.® offers the possibility to move freely and normally in life and integrate themselves and thus enjoy the quality of life.

One differentiates the form of urinary incontinence in:

Why I.M.E.C.® - Incontinence underwear?

The fashionable I.M.E.C.® range of underwear for men and women offers the right solution.

Our products are watertight, exceptionally absorbent with minimum re-release of dampness to the skin. The garments are highly breathable thus avoiding heat build-up, particularly friendly on the skin, inconspicuous, discrete and are both comfortable and long lived.

Our underwear is anti-bacterially treated and offers a widely effective spectrum against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, moulds and yeast. The anti-microbe product is sealed into the textile fibres and thus a high level of effectiveness as well as excellent laundering capacity is guaranteed.

Additionally our underwear's newly developed finish hinders and absorbs unpleasant odours. At the first signs of decrease in this very positive characteristic, simply wash the garment to reactivate the odour absorption.

Our fashionable I.M.E.C.® range of underwear is the optimum solution. You also will save considerable costs - please refer to the attached economy calculation.

New products designed to meet patients requirements.

The uncertainty of unwanted urination resulting from bladder weakness coupled with the currently available diapers or liners often result in high personal confidence stress levels in this difficult phase of life. Previously available products, are bulky, rough on the skin, fit badly and are really only a makeshift solution as nothing better was available until now. The reusable products are also only plastics or, at best, textile with an absorbent liner where dampness is rapidly transmitted to the outside causing major loss of confidence and uncertainty for the wearer. Additionally, skin irritation is not uncommon, as these products do not breathe.

I.M.E.C.® has spent years developing a completely new range of functional but fashionable incontinence underwear. This product gives back the wearer his or her confidence without appearing different from normal modern clothing.

Our underwear is manufactured from textile (greater part cotton) - not from plastics. It is watertight, extremely absorbent (0,1 - 0,5 liters depending on model & size). Use of additional disposable liners by the customer is possible, but not necessary.

Advantages of I.M.E.C.® - Incontinence Underwear

November 2001 our products received official recognition and are now listed in the reference for sanctioned products issued by the umbrella organization of German health care insurers. This means that the health-insurance companies in Germany will pay the underwear for the patient. Some of these insurers will assume 100% of the garment costs for the affected patients. Very shortly we expect to have the same approval from other countries health authorities.

The fashionable I.M.E.C.® - underwear program offers the optimal solution for the affected people.

How is I.M.E.C.® - Incontinence Underwear constructed?

Outside and inside consists our underwear of cotton jersey, between them is situated a diaphragm from respiration-active and liquid-impermeable material.

In the step area is a special micro fibre, which works as liquid feeder to keep the skin dry. Under this fibre a super absorbent Double layer of towelling, which was developed particularly for the incontinence, holds back the humidity.

This material composition enables a pleasant stretch feeling as with normal underwear and ensures the fact that you do not sweat, and no dampness steps outside.

Our underwear is anti-micro-bacterially equipped and offers a broad spectrum at effectiveness against gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, mould and yeast mildew. The product is enclosed in the fibre, thus achieving a high effectiveness and a high wash permanence.

Additionally our underwear restrains and absorbs unpleasant smells, and after washing restores itself to its normal glory.

How is it worn?

As the I.M.E.C.® - underwear is used like normal slips or Shorts and protects people with light to medium bladder weakness, as well as with Menstruation, and after birth problems for absolute security. One needs basically no additional aids.

With heavy Incontinence we recommend our special models with bag system for additional support and removable inserts for an unlimited movement radius.

Vorteile des Incontinence-Matratzenschutzes

Der Aufbau und die verwendeten Materialien gewährleisten, dass unsere Matratzen-Schutzbezüge angenehm weich, atmungsaktiv und absolut flüssigkeitsundurchlässig sind. Ihre Matratze bleibt vollkommen trocken.

Die verwendeten Materialien sind nach DIN Normen geprüft.

Sie gewährleisten Ihnen ein sehr angenehmes Liegegefühl, keinen Hitzestau wie bei Gummi oder Plastik, und Sie können Ihren Schlaf in Sicherheit geniessen.

Unser Matratzenvollbezug "ZIP" gewährleistet die absolute Hygiene Ihrer neuen Matratze. Die mikrobielle Besiedlung Ihrer Matratze bleibt auch nach längerer Zeit extrem gering und bewegt sich in der Grössenordnung wie sie auf einer noch nicht verwendeten Oberfläche nachweisbar ist.

Als zusätzlichen Schutz empfehlen wir Ihnen auch unser modisches Incontinence-Unterwäsche-Programm für Damen und Herren.

Example Case of average Incontinence

Use of classical Products:

Results in an annual requirement:
3 liners / day x 365 days 1'095 pcs. x 0,38 416,10
1 diaper x 365 days 365 pcs. x 0,56 204,40
Net shorts 50 pcs. x 0,95 47,50
Total annual cost 668,-

N.B. The costs increase with the severity of incontinence.

I.M.E.C.® Products

With an annual requirement, depending on laundry availability, of 3-5 I.M.E.C.© sets of underwear:

price per piece ( € ) 3 pieces ( € ) 5 pieces ( € )
Women's Safety Shorts
Art. 83/873/0 Size XL
76,75 230,25 383,75
Men's Safety Boxer Shorts
Art. 85/933/0 Size XL
76,75 230,25 383,75
Total annual cost 230,25 383,75

Result: the cost savings in the above example are between: € 437,75 to € 284,25 *

(*) In every case savings of lots of € / year can be achieved - even in the case of extreme incontinence where occasionally disposable liners may be additionally used.

Please refer to the other web-sites for further information on the benefits of our newly developed series of underwear.


To preserve the environment, we are the perfect solution.

The on the current market available product, like insert pads, diapers and rubber baby pants, one-way products of cellulose and others with difficult degradable materials are predominant. These environment unfriendly products need a substantial period, until they were ecologically diminished (at best 50 years).

Our products are from environmental compatible materials and help special refuse to a large extent to reduce. Additionally our products helps to save substantial costs (see our economy calculation).

The concerning can omit one-way inserts and saves in the year thereby substantial costs. Even if with stronger Incontinence supporting one-way inserts are occasionally shared, savings of several 100 € or US$ is possible per year. This due to the fact that the patient can regulate the use of inserts to his needs, when required.

Care Instructions

We recommend gentle machine wash by reduced load up to 95 Celcius. Basically all conventional household detergents are useable as well as all certified products, which fulfil the BGA or RKI guidelines (for disinfection laundry).


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