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Manufacturer of washable, re-useable, watertight but nevertheless air permeable textiles.

We are pleased to present our specialized medical textiles - incontinence underwear, incontinence mattress covers and anti-allergic bed linen.

Our washable underwear is unique world wide for use in cases of bladder incontinence.

After years of research and development in our laboratories and production units and following intensive field tests we now offer specialized underwear products for bladder incontinence which give you a new feeling of freedom in your daily lives.

Fashionable, re-useable incontinence underwear for men, women and children.

Our incontinence underwear is enormously absorbent, impervious to fluids, permeable to air and anti-bacterial. The garments are washable and re-useable over long periods without loss of absorbency. The innovative material composition ensures that they are a pleasure to wear: you do not perspire and no liquid escapes.

Our products are externally indistinguishable from normal underwear and we provide models for all stages of incontinence allowing you to individually choose. The ideal fit provides you with new found freedom of movement and enables a return to normal active life.

I.M.E.C.® - a new feeling of security!

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